Julian Nagelsmann, a former manager of Bayern Munich, is already very at ease leading Germany.

Before a significant home tournament in 2024, the former Bayern Munich coach must turn the squad around.


The German national team’s first international window under Julian Nagelsmann has just ended. A victory over the United States got things going, and a draw with Mexico was also a just outcome for this team. Despite having significant defensive shortcomings, the club had a great Nagelsmann debut overall. The former head coach of Bayern Munich seems at ease as well.



Nagelsmann acknowledged that he has little experience with the national team, but he feels it is a very good fit for him. There is something almost appropriate about seeing him with Germany. Nagelsmann brought up the criticism he received for having too many ideas at the club level as one argument. He must focus on the most crucial topics because he has less time now to put his thoughts into practice.

Due to the lack of time spent together and the familiarity with particular methods, the most straightforward strategies occasionally succeed at the national level. For the DFB, Nagelsmann’s tenure with Germany may be either historic or terrible. Best wishes for Nagelsmann and Germany!


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