Jurgen Klopp mentioned the best players in Liverpool presently

Few managers are known for having the extraordinary ability to consistently develop talented players into superstars, and Jurgen Klopp is unquestionably at the top of the list of managers now in action.



At Borussia Dortmund, the charming German left a lasting impression. In just his third season with the team, he transformed a team that placed 13th in the league the previous year into the league champions.

Rich owners did not support Klopp’s efforts to get Dortmund back on track. Rather, it required careful preparation and reconnaissance. Football fans now know players like Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels by name, and Jurgen Klopp has a major part to play in that.


Even at Liverpool, several players have improved as a result of Klopp’s techniques, and this is benefiting the team as a whole.

Even at Liverpool, several players have improved as a result of Klopp’s techniques, and this is benefiting the team as a whole.


The following list includes the top 10 players who have trained and worked under Klopp. He has had the privilege of working with several elite players.


It took Jurgen Klopp some time to learn how to use the talents at his disposal as Liverpool’s manager. In the process of figuring out the best lineup, he started Roberto Firmino up front.

Firmino plays more like a false nine who drops deep to receive the ball, draws defenders out of position, and opens up space for the wingers and midfielders than a typical number nine who puts up a lot of goals.


The Brazilian is essential to carrying out Klopp’s pressing strategy, which has his squad attempt to recover possession of the ball high up the field.


In more than 100 games, he has already appeared for Liverpool, scoring 27 goals and providing 20 assists. Even if his stats might not wow many, he is crucial to Liverpool’s offensive approach.


In 41 Premier League games since the beginning of the previous season, he has generated 85 opportunities. To put things in perspective, Firmino has produced at least 30 less opportunities in the same time frame than the top strikers in the Premier League, such as Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, and Sergio Aguero.

Nuri Sahin is a must-have on this list of the greatest players to have played for Jurgen Klopp, as we are discussing his players.


Sahin, a graduate of Dortmund’s youth academy, played a key role in Dortmund winning their first league championship under Klopp in 2010–11. He made 30 appearances, including eight assists and six goals from central midfield. For his outstanding play, he was voted the 2010–11 Bundesliga Player of the Year.


He relocated to Real Madrid the next season, suffered from injuries, and returned to Borussia Dortmund in January 2013. After joining the team, he hasn’t been able to maintain the form that once made him vital.

In just 35 games since the 2014–15 season began, he has managed just three goals for Dortmund.

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