Jürgen Klopp plus a $42 million Fabinho deal from Liverpool will allow them to carry out their original strategy.

Prior to Union SG, Florida-based Liverpool supporter Morgan O’Sullivan gives us his opinion on all the most recent Reds talking points, including those about Ryan Gravenberch and VAR.


After a week dominated by VAR talk and controversy, Liverpool is back in Europa League action and hoping to reclaim control of its group with a victory over Union SG later today.

Prior to kickoff at Anfield, we spoke with Florida-based Liverpool supporter Morgan O’Sullivan about the Reds, including the start of Ryan Gravenberch’s Merseyside career and the most recent VAR foolishness.


From every perspective, the match officiating versus Spurs was terrible. Despite the controversy surrounding Curtis Jones’ dismissal, there were numerous other choices that were overshadowed by the VAR disaster. the absence of communication during Diogo Jota’s initial booking. the absence of actual yellow cards in response to hypothetical yellow card waving. the tackling of Joe Gomez in the penalty area received little consideration or attention. The Andy Robertson caution. It is difficult for Reds supporters not to feel angry because every choice made that day was against Liverpool.


Today’s referees are under a lot of pressure, and the emphasis on their involvement and positions must lead to a level of stress in their daily lives that few can fathom. Despite the fact that all of this is true, the Premier League referees are expected to be the best of the best.


Is Liverpool the target of a plot? Most likely not. But it makes sense for the Reds to demand greater accountability, as they did in their statement, given the caliber of refereeing and a number of dubious decisions that have gone against the team.





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