Jurgen Klopp’s remarks about Luton, made just before Liverpool’s match, are spot on.

For the first time in twenty-one years, Liverpool will play Luton in a league match, and Jurgen Klopp is a big fan of the Hatters’ incredible rise to the Premier League.


Even though Jurgen Klopp is an old romantic, the Liverpool manager will not allow his emotions to override his judgment when it comes to the direction of the game.


Klopp is enjoying his first trip to the modest Kenilworth Road in Luton Town. He is not only in awe of the way the Hatters have persevered through the National League to reach the Premier League, but he also holds special memories of the moment he led Mainz—then a team in the German second division—into the Bundesliga for the first time ever.

Klopp is aware of how important it is for a team to have aspirations. Two years ago, he opposed the idea of a European Super League, despite the possibility that it would have made the schedule more manageable. For example, Liverpool will visit Manchester City in a few days, after players from both teams will have been thrown into the whirlwind that is a World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Brazil.

He calls Luton’s ascent back up the pyramid “a fairytale,” but he is aware that such tales frequently feature a giantkilling. Klopp remarked, “One of these stories we all like is Luton.” “Aside from the games against us, I hope they have an amazing season. It’s a fairytale.”

“When we were promoted with Mainz, I was in a comparable circumstance. I think Luton deserves the most respect for what they are doing because I was in a similar situation. Luton’s ability to compete in the Premier League is something I adore. That is very, very wonderful.


Development is hampered if there is no path forward for one team, out of all the things we need to and want to change for the future (of football). These tales have to be conceivable at all times.


Liverpool will play their 16th match of the season in the south. They play in the Europa League against Toulouse on Thursday, and then they have an international break before playing Brentford at home.




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