Just for Donald Trump, Joan Baez is returning from her songwriting retirement.

Unbelievably, Joan Baez hasn’t penned a new song in 25 years. One and a half centuries! The good news is that she is currently writing one. The bad news is that she is only writing it because Donald Trump is the US president at the moment. The protest song queen, who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this week, revealed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that she was so moved by the 2016 presidential contest that she couldn’t resist writing “five-and-counting verses” in a “Guthrie-esque melody” that is essentially in Trump’s honor:

Baez isn’t sure whether she will release it, though. “I’ll probably just put it on YouTube because it’s not a good song, but it will make people laugh,” she said. If not for Trump, everything would seem extremely boring, so perhaps I should be thankful. I don’t annoy people enough. I felt uneasy once I gained respect. We have a suspicion that a good number of people would be curious to hear this. Go ahead and agitate, Joan.

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