Kevin Garnett Makes a Startling Disclosure Regarding His Celtics Career

Kevin Garnett revitalized a stagnant team and provided quite the parting present on his way out after leading the Celtics to banner 17 in 2008.

Kevin Garnett brought the Boston Celtics back to life. His influence was enormous, helping not only Paul Pierce but also Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Doc Rivers, and Danny Ainge advance their careers within the organization.


If not for injuries, the Basketball Hall of Famer might have hoisted even more championship banners to the TD Garden rafters after leading the Celtics to Banner 17 and defeating the Lakers in 2008.

During a 2009 season that saw Boston significantly improve from its championship squad the previous year, the former league MVP had a season-ending knee injury.


They then came within a point of overcoming the purple and gold once more in the Finals, but early in Game 6, Kendrick Perkins suffered a knee injury that ended the series. They allowed 23 offensive rebounds in the game that decided it all.


Garnett stated on KG Certified that he didn’t think he had a strong enough resume to have his No. 5 retired with the team’s other icons because he “only” won the Larry O’Brien Trophy once in his six years with the Celtics.


He was informed that wasn’t the case by Paul Pierce, whose No. 34 at TD Garden also rests in the rafters.

“You have changed the culture in Boston. bringing that presence with you. That building had a distinct shine.”


MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals was spot on. The immediate and incalculable influence of Garnett goes well beyond his on-court accomplishments and the championship he brought to Boston.

In addition to his leadership and the revitalization of the team for which he is accountable, he and Pierce also gave the Celtics a farewell gift when they left the team, allowing them to select Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who would go on to become key players today.


It’s the icing on the cake for a stint that unquestionably earned Garnett a spot among the greats who helped the team become one of the most illustrious in sports history.


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