Larry Bird battles a losing battle with a wild bird in the new Allstate “Mayhem” commercial.

During his Allstate “Mayhem” commercial, Bird gets disturbed by a bird raising a commotion in his house. That bird is never seen, and is instead portrayed by Mr. Mayhem himself, Dean Winters. But whatever that bird was up to, it drew one of the greatest NBA players ever out of his seat and into his attic to address the issuA basketball isn’t the ideal way to deal with a bird problem, so Bird gets the next best thing: a lacrosse stick.




Mayhem Bird:30 by Allstate on YouTube.

Bird’s battle does not go well, and he ends up banging his head (Larry Legend still has his ups and downs) and crashing through his floor boards. He had a much easier time going up against the Atlanta Hawks during his Hall of Fame career than he did against this mayhem-causing avian.

Bird is no stranger to the small screen, having appeared in several ads over his career. Nothing will ever surpass “The Showdown,” in which Bird and Michael Jordan competed in an epic shooting contest for a Big Mac, but his Allstate “Mayhem” commercial is a quite amusing addition to his commercial portfolio.

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