Larry Bird explains why the game’s triple-double is overvalued: “People make too much of triple-doubles”

Larry Bird feels that he could have had a triple-double in practically every game if he had wanted one and feels that they are an overrated component of the game.


Bird thinks he could have nearly every game had a triple-double.

A greater number of players than ever before in NBA history have achieved triple-doubles in the past ten years. There are several explanations for this, but players like James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James have been using them so frequently that they have somewhat lost their value and no longer have the impressive effect when someone uses one to end a game.

“Triple-doubles, which are typically defined as a game in which a player records double digits in points, rebounds, and assists, are overhyped. I genuinely think I could get a triple-double in at least 41 of the 82 games played annually, if that’s all anyone wanted me to accomplish. I think I could go out and make sure I had 10 assists and ten rebounds in a certain game if a coach wanted me to.



Just don’t expect me to win the game with thirty points on one night. Everything depends on the other player and the state of the match. You may play better if the other people are, and that would help the team. What does it signify if we lose and you score a triple-double if they’re not?

The assists are not correctly tallied.

Bird also brought up a really good point—the real credit for an assist—that I personally disagree with in the modern NBA. One of the most exaggerated stats in the NBA is that player’s assist column; we have witnessed players receiving credit for two or three dribbles before making the basket. Bird lays out exactly what constitutes an assist, and if he had his way, the amount of assists in today’s game would most likely be cut in half

“In any case, assists are a dubious statistic. I think the West Coast normally has easier access to one. It’s just their interpretation of it. In my opinion, a player should receive an assist whenever they receive the ball and score. He can’t place the ball on the floor, but he can fake it. Additionally, you cannot pump it three or four times before inserting it. What qualifies as an assist should be limited in scope.


When it came to packing the stat sheet, Bird’s fiercest opponent, Magic Johnson, was also renowned for grabbing triple-doubles with ease. Bird respected Johnson’s style of play, which helped the Lakers win a lot of games and titles.


“And while we’re talking about it, let me just say that there are double-doubles. I consider Magic to have achieved a triple-double when he plays with fifteen points, thirteen rebounds, and seventeen assists.”


It would also be simpler to identify the players who are true point guards since they put their teammates in the ideal position to score a basket. These days, players can dribble a little, pump fake, and score the basket while still receiving credit for the assist for their colleague.

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