Larry Bird is still alive, despite what you may have heard during a Celtics game.

Even while they may appear to be superhumans, able to vault over towering opponents with a single bound, our favorite NBA players are still just people. Consider someone such as Larry Bird. Despite his talent and self-assurance, the legendary Boston Celtics player experienced many painful times in his body. Furthermore, he will pass away at some point, no matter how upsetting it is for basketball fans to think about it.

But that time hasn’t arrived yet. In contrast to what you might have heard on Christmas Day, Larry Legend is still very much alive.



During the broadcast, Mark Jones unintentionally made reference to the “late” Larry Bird.

I want to acknowledge the difficulties involved in broadcasting a live basketball game on television before we move on. During several hours of trying to explain what’s happening while maintaining accuracy in your facts and numbers, mistakes are inevitable. On Christmas Day, that is precisely what took place.

Dorris Burke hinted that Jayson Tatum was on track to become the first player from Boston to average more over 30 points per game for an NBA season before the Bucks-Celtics game. Then Mark Jones took over and tried to provide some background. Regretfully, he became somewhat speechless.


In a video that has been saved on Horrible Announcing, he is heard saying, “Not even the late, the great Larry Bird.”

Was that something that any of us could have done, speaking into a microphone for several hours, that was mostly innocuous? Indeed. Even yet, it’s still a comfort to know that Larry Bird didn’t suit up for the big basketball team in the sky and that it was an error.


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