Larry Bird said, “His knees almost hit me in the chin” when he saw how good Michael Jordan was at jumping.

Bird was amazed at how athletic Jordan was.


It is uncommon to come across an NBA player who is willing to acknowledge the abilities of a younger star who is destined to take over the spotlight. But Larry Bird broke with convention by often complimenting Michael Jordan on his exceptional skill set.


‘Larry Legend’ acknowledged MJ’s unmatched skill despite their fierce matches on the court.


Larry on Jordan’s ability to jump


The legendary LA Lakers player Magic Johnson questioned Bird about his open feelings toward Jordan. In his heartfelt reply, the two-time Finals MVP shared his personal account of the moment he witnessed Jordan’s incredible skill and agility up close.


Regarding Mike, Bird remarked, “I think unbelievable,” as Sportscasting reported. “He continued walking after I turned and jumped, almost hitting me in the chin with his legs. That’s when I noticed this man is really unique due to his ability to jump. Swift like a cat. I’ve never seen someone close down a pass lane as quickly as he did. And simply an incredible player.”


Jordan’s remarkable 0.92 hangtime and his fabled 48-inch vertical leap were what made his jumping skills unique. Put another way, the 14-time All-Star’s aerial feat simply meant that he was able to jump about 20 inches higher than the league average. Because of this, it was quite difficult for defenders—even those who were taller than him—to stop him mid-air.


Michael felt much differently about Bird.

Conversely, the six-time MVP of the Finals previously acknowledged Bird’s fierce competitiveness but pointed out that the 6’9″ forward lacked exceptional jumping ability and quickness.


Jordan remarked, “He can’t jump.” “He’s not quick.”

Though it seemed that His Airness was getting ready to criticize the three-time NBA Champion, in reality, he was positioning him to emphasize the exceptional qualities of Bird. MJ praised the Indian native for having no vulnerabilities despite his apparent flaws.


“He makes up for it by using his head, analyzing the opponent,” Jordan stated. It elevates him above the opposition. Consequently, he lacks any weaknesses.


Even though it wasn’t in either of these two once-in-a-lifetime stars’ DNA to give praise to their fierce rivals, there aren’t many couples who have regarded each other in such high respect as these two.

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