Larry Bird shares the special quality that helped him become a fantastic player: “One thing that I have that a lot of people don’t”

One item provided Bird the advantage over his competitors.

Of course, Larry Bird has many great memories from his illustrious career. One of them, according to “Larry Legend” himself, was his special ability to suit up in front of the Boston Celtics fans every night and put on a show to remember.

It improved Larry’s craft tremendously.

Bird quickly established a reputation for never taking a day off and always going above and above. However, his unwavering will to succeed and his unwillingness to give up on any task finally took a toll on his body and led to injuries.


Bird always entered the court with a tremendous drive to play at the highest level, regardless of the circumstances, the opponent, or the state of his body. The individual in question’s unwavering mental tenacity to play despite the agony throughout his illustrious NBA career was what separated him apart from his colleagues. His devotion to hard work was obvious in the historic games he became part of.


“I had the ability to play every night, which is something that many people don’t have despite many players having it. Bird said to Reggie Miller and Isiah Thomas on NBA on TNT, “I brought it every night.”


For Larry, winning was a job.

Indeed, basketball fans saw firsthand how intensely and totally Bird devoted his career to the Celtics. Bird demonstrated what it meant to be a competent leader and a team player throughout his tenure with the Celtics. He also realized that the success of the team as a whole was more important than individual honor.

In contrast to other NBA icons, “Larry Legend” never hesitated to bear the team’s burden when circumstances demanded it. Season after season, he gave his all to help the Celtics and their loyal supporters win. Why is it the case? Because, to Bird, it was more than just a desire to win for the Celtics supporters. It was an obligation.


“I knew full well that the Celtics were paying me to win basketball games. The Hall of Famer admitted, “I felt like I had to win every time I went out there because it was my job to win basketball games.”


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