Letters: It’s time to honor Joan Baez’s Edinburgh connections

In her mother’s hometown, Alan A. Small writes, “It has long amazed me that someone with Joan’s lifelong humanitarian, peace, and civil rights activism (to say nothing of her art) has gone unrecognized by any major educational establishment.”

The second daughter of an English Anglican priest, Joan Baez (née Bridge), also known as Joan Senior or “Big Joan,” was born in Edinburgh in 1913. She was born in April 1913 and passed away on April 20, 2013, a few days after turning 100.

In Scotland, poets, writers, and singers have always been at the forefront of movements for social justice and freedom. Joan has dedicated her life to using her artistic talent to draw attention to injustice and discrimination. Perhaps it would be appropriate, given the current climate of escalating racism and the ongoing use of weapons of mass terror against civilian populations worldwide, for the city of Edinburgh or one of its educational institutions to formally acknowledge the enormous lifetime contribution made by one of the city’s granddaughters to music, humanitarian causes, and world peace.

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