Luka Doncic Might just be getting close to be among the greatest player in NBA history, Because of his potentials and skills

Luka undoubtedly has what it takes to rank among the top 10 players. If he keeps elevating his level of play and goes on to win a lot of titles with the Dallas Mavericks. Observing him during the season before to its suspension, he averaged approximately 28 points, 8 assists, and 9 rebounds at the age of 20, which is comparable to legendary players like LeBron James who achieved comparable feats over the course of their careers. Luka Doncic isn’t as athletic as Lebron right now. He improves his teammates, though, because he is incredibly agile and has excellent court vision. One day, Luka might be one of the three players to average a triple double. For a while, this youthful player may also lead the league in assists and scoring.

A player’s career in the NBA can vary greatly depending on their injury history and the fortunes of their team, but Luka stands out as unique.


Given what he has previously accomplished, even with his unfortunate injury history and poor team fortune going forward, he would be compared to Tracy McGrady, a player with immense skill who was occasionally dominant and many unanswered questions about what could have been.


He will challenge LeBron and Michael Jordan for the GOAT if his body holds up and he gets the good fortune to play on several elite teams. Of course, there’s also the vast array of potential scenarios involving Tracy McGrady and Lebron.


And the fact that Luka is such a basketball whiz is the only reason I believe he has that much potential. He is already an exceptional three level scorer, elite ball handler, and elite distributor at the age of 22 and three years into the league. His offensive style is already, dare I say it, unstoppable and on the verge of perfection. Furthermore, even in 2011, Lebron’s eighth season in the NBA, his offensive style wasn’t quite as good as Luka’s at the moment.


Let’s hope that all of us basketball enthusiasts will get to enjoy a good decade or two or maybe a decade and a half of absolutely gorgeous and dominating basketball.


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