Luke Littler rejected Luke Humphries’ idea and was snubbed by a second Premier League opponent.

Luke Humphries suggested that Peter Wright mentor Luke Littler on the professional circuit, and Wright is now the second-most prominent player in Premier League Darts to decline the offer. The current world champion made the suggestion that Littler’s adversaries ought to be watching out for the young athlete as he navigates the highs and lows of professional competition.


Concerns were expressed about Littler’s demanding schedule and the difficulties that come with becoming a household figure. Humphries provided support prior to the 17-year-old taking the world champion to court in Cardiff on Premier League opening night.


Humphries stated, “It’s crucial that all of the players take care of him and nobody uses him excessively because that will happen in life—people will want to use him because of his popularity and stature.” “However, every player will take care of him and make sure that doesn’t happen.”


Littler graciously declined the offer, saying he didn’t think it was necessary and that he was grateful for what Luke had said. But I know what’s appropriate, and I am capable of managing everything on my own.


Wright is one player who, despite Littler’s rejection of the offer, has already made up his mind not to support the teenager. “He’s 17, it was his choice and his manager to come into the Premier League,” Wright stated.




He declines the offer to assist Michael van Gerwen in guiding Littler. The Dutchman retorted, “Really? “when asked if he felt protective of his new adversary. Naturally, no. Greetings from the big boys. He is no longer a young player. Those times are long gone. Though, of course, he is still a young child, there is no mercy at all when you have to fight each other on stage.


Though Wright and Van Gerwen agree not to assist Littler alongside Humphries, the World Championship runner-up has received a lot of praise from Wright. Luke’s contributions to the game, the media, and sponsors have greatly encouraged me. It’s great for throwing darts,” he continued.


“It’s also great that all the younger guys are becoming inspired. It is not necessary to be fifty years old in order to become a world champion. Children are raised believing that.



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