Magic Johnson is scheduled to attend the local museum’s opening.

WTHI: TERRE HAUTE, IN At the opening of the Larry Bird Museum in Terre Haute, a well-known guest intends to make an appearance.


Magic Johnson would like to be present at the museum’s grand opening, a spokeswoman told News 10 on Wednesday.

The professional basketball player, who was once Larry Bird’s competitor, is now a good buddy. When Indiana State met Michigan State for the 1979 NCAA Championship, the two teams squared off.


“A trade-out occurred. If he was asked, he would do an interview for the museum’s upcoming movie, and we definitely want him here, according to Mark Mederski, the Capital Improvement Board’s Owner’s Representative.



Leaders of the museum have stated that work on the Larry Bird is almost 90% finished.


Although the museum has not yet established a date for its debut, they would be happy to welcome Bird and Johnson if their schedules allow them. A spokesman from the museum expressed excitement at the possibility of hosting these well-known visitors.


The grand opening in May is a possibility that the board has discussed. The board had originally intended to hold a soft opening around March Madness.



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