Mark Allen, the snooker player, finds it “sad” to observe that he is now seeing a psychologist.

Attempting to regain his form after being labeled’sad’ to watch by opponent Mark Allen, John Higgins has disclosed that he is seeing a sports psychologist. Allen defeated Higgins at the Masters earlier this year, but on Thursday at the German Masters, Higgins exacted revenge, winning 5-2.

For Higgins, who hasn’t won a championship in three years after taking home the Players Championship in 2021, the outcome was a huge lift. After the game, he disclosed that, in an effort to improve after losing his previous five finals, he is hiring a sports psychologist.

Higgins clarified, “I’m attempting to have a different mindset.” “I’m trying to clear my head by taking some unconventional actions, which is something I’ve never done before in my work. Though it’s early, it appears to be making a difference so far. I must complete the task. You can’t count on me. I’m not competent enough to support myself.

Maybe I could use a little assistance. I’m trying to think positively when I’m talking to someone. My thoughts have been negative for far too long. It is enjoyable. There, I was ahead 3-0 and I missed a blue to make it 4-0. I might have predicted that I would lose 5-3 in earlier matches, but Mark came back to 3-2. Positive attitudes predominated, and everything turned out well.”

With 31 ranking titles during his career, Higgins is considered by many to be one of the best players of his generation. But over the past several years, he has steadily declined, therefore he will be hoping that seeing a psychologist will help him in his attempts to return to his previous glory.

After losing to Allen last month, the 48-year-old set a record with 15 first-round exits at the Masters, so it was undoubtedly a low point. Allen continued by expressing his regret at seeing Higgins in the latter stages of his career and by maintaining that it was “sad” to see him go through what he did.

Being one of the all-time greats, he’s too excellent to be talking the way he is,” Allen remarked. “Having a profession like John’s would be ideal for everybody. I don’t want him to miss every shot when I’m out there; it’s sad to see him the way he is now.

It’s not fun to lose a bunch of close games, so I do feel bad for him. To be honest, that was one that got away from John, but I’m sitting here really glad to be in the next round.

“I know that John had his opportunities, and even though I didn’t want him to miss every shot he took, I do feel sorry for him right now. He appears to be a truly nice guy who is just having trouble crossing the boundary. He might be winning tournaments once more if he simply had a little more confidence in himself.”


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