Mavericks pulling through in the clutch thanks to Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic’s tandem

DENVER (AP) — In crucial moments this season, Luka Doncic has been at his best—among the best in the NBA, for that matter.

In clutch situations—defined as a scoring margin within five points and five or fewer minutes remaining in a game—the Dallas Mavericks are 6-0, which leads the league.

Despite the small sample size, the Mavericks appear to be developing in Doncic and Kyrie Irving’s first full season of on-court partnership.

The Mavericks suffered in crunch time the previous season, going 6–15 after Irving entered the starting lineup as a result of the Brooklyn trade. The group did not make it to the postseason.

Mavericks coach Jason Kidd argued that they just needed a bit more time to perfect their chemistry.

They now show up on the same page.

Regarding clutch moments, Kidd remarked, “When you have 77 (Doncic) and 11 (Irving), it’s an easy thing.” We discussed the previous year. Even though we were eager for things to happen immediately, you have to go through the growing pains and getting to know one another process.

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