McHale said Larry Bird betrayed him when they were in highschool

When the former Celtics teammates didn’t pick up his calls, Parish seemed irritated.


Throughout the 1980s, a number of players became stars and were instrumental in the Boston Celtics’ dominance as the best team in the East.


The friendship between Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, and Robert Parish was the main factor of their success. But as these pillars of the court retired, their dynamic shifted.


What most infuriated Parish?


Parish, who had been a member of the Celtics’ Big 3 for the longest, made the appropriate decision to retire from the NBA after 21 years of service. But in the end, “The Chief” chose to go back to coaching basketball, taking a job as head coach of the USBL expansion team Maryland Mustangs. Sadly, the squad disbanded after barely a year, which motivated Robert to look for other coaching chances.


Financially struggling and in desperate need of an NBA coaching assignment, the four-time NBA champion with a wealth of experience reached out to his old teammates, Bird and McHale, who were working in front offices at the time, to see if there was a position available. Unfortunately, none of them ever got back to the 7’1″ center.

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