Mhartinez revealed what he has been holding back after long term contract with Aston villa

With performance targets posted in his locker, Emi Martinez is pursuing his dream of becoming the finest goalie in the world.


Neil Cutler, the goalie coach at Aston Villa, has disclosed that Martinez receives daily reminders about the objectives he must do to realize his dreams.


About Martinez, 29, Cutler remarked, “He is so driven.” We have numerous items in his locker in the locker room that he needs to do.


“He needs to save this many penalties, maintain this many clean sheets, and maintain this passing percentage.”

He has a lot of things to be annoyed about. He must therefore complete these tasks as soon as he wakes up in the morning and opens his locker in order to be the greatest in the world.


Martinez was a revelation for Villa in the previous season after joining from Arsenal for £17 million.


Martinez topped the Premier League table for high claims and placed third among all top-flight stoppers for saves and clean sheets. Although they ended 11th, they had the sixth best defensive record.


In addition, he excelled on the global scene, winning the Copa America and was chosen best goalie after Argentina’s victory.



In an interview with The Goalkeepers’ Union Podcast, Cutler stated: “He checked off every single one last season.” We’ve given him more material to work with this season. those who are going to improve him.

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