Michael A. Jordan Larry Bird’s Retirement Announcement: “Thank heavens.” I’m happy. I’m Over Your Face Being Seen. Many of my winning games against the Boston Celtics were ruined by you.

In addition to being fierce opponents on the court, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were close friends off it. Since Jordan entered the NBA in 1984, they have experienced many memorable moments together on the court. The Boston Celtics, headed by Bird, were the Chicago Bulls’ archenemy during the early years of his career since they could never overcome the best team in the Eastern Conference.

That’s why when MJ learned that Bird was calling it quits, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. Naturally, Michael was a really competitive player and he would have loved to play against Larry more, but as we all know, time catches up to everyone, even the greatest player of all time. Jordan took advantage of the opportunity to make fun of his friend and reminisce about all the terrible times he had because of the Celtics icon.


When Bird announced his retirement in 1992, His Airness expressed his respect and affection for No. 33, but he also made it plain that, after all the games he lost in front of Larry and his squad, he wouldn’t miss him.


“I’ve heard that Larry is going to retire. Thankfully. I’m happy. I’m over staring at your face. Jordan remarked, “You brought back a lot of unpleasant memories for me. I think you had an amazing career, and I really liked it. I wish you much luck in the future. Many of my great games versus the Boston Celtics were destroyed by you.

There was something special about Larry Legend. He acknowledged that he wasn’t the quickest or strongest player in history, but he used his wits and fundamental skills to outsmart his opponents, and of course, trash-talking was a part of that.


Regardless of how and where they met, Jordan always treated the man in this way. When the Chicago Bulls defeated the Indiana Pacers in a convoluted Eastern Conference Finals in 1998, Michael Jordan once more trash-talked Bird, the Pacers’ head coach at the time. When they met in the United Center, No. 23 unleashed his fury on his erstwhile opponent.

They were always close friends but fierce adversaries as well. The manner they conversed with one another makes that clear. A three-time NBA champion, three-time MVP, and one of the greatest trash talkers in NBA history, Bird retired. Being the head dog when Bird retired, Jordan may have picked up a few tips from him.

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