Michael Owen admits that his decision to make one last trip back to Liverpool isn’t egotistical.

Former Liverpool attacker Michael Owen has discussed his post-playing plans and potential management career.


Michael Owen has revealed he would jump at the chance to manage Liverpool – but has shut down the suggestion of him working in the lower leagues.


Owen enjoyed hero status at Anfield after bursting on the scene as a teenager. The former England international went on to score 158 goals in 297 appearances for Liverpool before departing for Real Madrid in the summer of 2004.

After four injury-plagued years in Tyneside, the former forward moved to Manchester United on a free transfer and won his lone league championship at Old Trafford in 2011. The former forward then returned to the Premier League with Newcastle in August 2005. However, that contentious action damaged his reputation among Reds fans.


In 2013, Owen decided to retire from playing. Since then, he has worked as a TV analyst for BT Sports, Premier League Productions, and TNT Sports. Despite the fact that the now 43-year-old says he would be thrilled to manage the Reds in the future, he thinks that given how much time he has spent as a commentator, the managerial boat has likely passed him by at this point.

“I just think that realistically – if you offered me the Liverpool job tomorrow or the England job or whatever, then of course, I’d absolutely jump at the chance,” he said in an interview with the Daily Star.


“It is in my heart and blood. But how is it likely to actually happen? I don’t want to bother going to a really low level and then working my way up and all that.





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