Mike Tyson discussed in an emotional interview how Kobe Bryant’s passing affected him personally.

The late boxing great Mike Tyson talked about how losing Kobe Bryant affected him personally. When news broke in January 2020 that NBA legend Kobe Bryant had died, the sports world was rocked to its core. The 41-year-old died in Calabasas, Los Angeles, after the helicopter he was riding in collided with a mountainside.

Upon impact, Bryant, his daughter, and seven additional passengers perished. AN ADVERT Speaking in February 2020, Tyson explained how and why Bryant’s death had changed him. On his podcast, “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson,” he declared, “Since that incident, I’ve changed as a person. “I don’t really know what went wrong, but I feel like I’m more appreciative now. I’m more appreciative of my family, my life, and the oxygen I breathe. “I just need to have more gratitude,” Tyson continued. “I get cocky sometimes and think I can get a lot of people, a lot of broads.” Sometimes I lose sight of my thankfulness. You become blind to the value of life.

The bout between Tyson and YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul was originally slated on July 20, but it has been rescheduled after the 57-year-old experienced a medical scare.

Rather, the battle will now happen on November 15 at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium. During an emotional speech at Bryant’s memorial, Michael Jordan, a fellow NBA legend, stated: “As I got to know him, I wanted to be the best big brother that I could be.” “What he has done and shared with Vanessa and his children inspires me. A part of me perished along with Kobe Bryant.

Bryant played exclusively for the Los Angeles Lakers during his storied career, winning five NBA titles with the organization.

In addition, he received two NBA Finals MVP awards and one NBA Most Valuable Player award in 2008.

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