Mustique is ‘completely private’ and has ‘old-fashioned charm’ at Kate’s exclusive vacation location. Kate Middleton spotted at the beach

Although it is uncertain where KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William will be traveling, they have a few favorite vacation spots that they like to visit periodically. KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William are scheduled to spend the Easter holidays with their children.

The Caribbean island of Mustique is thought to be a popular vacation destination for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate did, however, make frequent trips to the opulent vacation spot prior to her royal marriage.

In her book Kate: A Biography, author Marcia Moody revealed that Kate and William’s preferred overseas vacation spot is the island of Mustique.

Even before Kate joined the Royal Family, Moody claimed the island was already a favorite of the Middletons: “The Caribbean island’s vintage charm made it a favorite among the Middletons.” “Plus the fact that it’s completely confidential.

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