My life turned into a circus that I was unable to handle. – Bjorn Borg interview

interview with Bjorn Borg: After winning five Wimbledon titles and six Roland Garros titles, he announced his retirement from professional tennis at the age of 26. a surprise to supporters and rivals. Bjorn Borg was relieved: “It was nice at first to be asked for pictures and autographs, but after a while it got to be too much.” I retired at a young age because of this.

There were a hundred people waiting for me at the hotel when I got there. I was followed by twenty-five photographers when I went to a restaurant. I desired a typical life. Even though they are far better protected, champions still experience the same thrill today. The Swedish tennis player claims, “But at the time it was really crazy, and that was one of the decisive factors that made me throw in the towel.”

Regarded as one of the most influential individuals in tennis history, he has been increasingly active in the public arena over the past five years as a result of his appointment as captain of the European Laver Cup team and his accompanying of his 19-year-old son Leo Borg, who participates in the Futures and Challenger circuits.

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