NBA Player Jayson Tatum of the Celtics Identifies the Rule He Would Change

The NBA appears to tweak a rule that was problematic every year in an effort to improve the game, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to doing so. Even players have suggestions for rules they’d like to see changed, so the rulebook isn’t flawless.


When asked whether there was one rule he would add or change during NBA All-Star weekend, veteran Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum had a straightforward response.


In the event that you receive a tech for exaggerating a call and it turns out that you were correct—for example, coaches question the call, go back and examine the situation, and decide to overturn the tech—you should receive your money back, Tatum stated.


The challenge system was implemented by the league in recent years, giving coaches the ability to make referees review a foul call. Tatum feels that the technical fouls that are awarded due to incorrect calls should be combined, even if they are regarded as distinct penalties.

The fact that each player is penalized for each technical foul they receive is the essential element of technical fouls. Tatum feels that the player should be reimbursed for his money if they were awarded a tech while contesting a foul that wasn’t a correct call.


Tatum has at least shared his notion with the public, but it remains to be seen if Adam Silver will give it any thought.


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