News about Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp problems Luis Diaz’s plea amid fears of a January transfer hijack

After Luis Diaz came off the bench to score Liverpool’s equalizer against Luton and put his personal issues aside, Jurgen Klopp begged for an end to his family’s hardships.


Luis Diaz overcame personal issues to score a late equalizer, holding Liverpool to a draw against Luton.


Due to a family emergency—his mother and father were abducted—the Colombian missed Liverpool’s previous two games. His father is still being held captive, but his mother has been set free.

The focus on the Reds has mostly been on Diaz and his family’s well-being, but the winger is back in action and has helped Liverpool move up to third place, passing Arsenal. Their next task is to play Toulouse in the Europa League on Thursday; ten days ago, they defeated Toulouse at Anfield with great ease.


After Diaz’s late equalizer at Luton, the Colombian forward scored another goal, but Klopp believes that Diaz’s father should be freed.

At Kenilworth Road, the forward celebrated his goal in stoppage time by flashing the phrase “freedom for dad” from his t-shirt. After being abducted along with the player’s mother last weekend, Diaz’s father has not yet been released.


After Diaz’s thrilling late equalizer, Reds manager Klopp explained the significance of Diaz’s goal to Sky Sports, saying: “A wonderful moment but it doesn’t change the situation.” The most crucial thing is that his father is freed. It’s amazing that he desired to be present. That’s it; that’s a very important aim for us and, yeah, a very important and emotional goal for him.




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