News: Do you think Magic Johnson and Larry Bird assisted Michael Jordan in developing his moves? And did Michael Jordan assist Kobe Bryant in developing his basketball style? And did LeBron James develop his approach with the aid of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan was attempting to emulate Dr. J, not Magic and Larry Bird. Kobe Bryant made a fantastic attempt to mimic Michael Jordan’s style of play. Magic taught Lebron James a number of gameplay techniques. Lebron tried to be like Michael Jordan and Kobe in the beginning but failed, thus they did not assist him with his gameplay. Even though LeBron is among the best players of all time, he wouldn’t be as successful if he attempted to play like the other two. Lebron’s style of play differed greatly from those of Michael Jordan and Kobe.

Has Magic Johnson or Larry Bird ever weighed in on “the who is better, Michael Jordan or LeBron James debate”? They have both expressed opinions on this matter. In addition to his well-known statement that Michael Jordan is “God disguised as himself,” Bird has stated that Jordan is the best player he has ever seen. Jordan was essentially a glorified rookie at the time Bird made his initial remarks about him being God. He had missed almost his whole second season and had just faced the Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs. This added even more remarkable detail to his accomplishments.

Magic repeatedly declared that Jordan was the best, most recently in an interview where he said that Jordan was superior than LeBron. Magic has made this apparent more than three times. However, he said, “Everyone’s talking about me and Larry,” while he was still playing. However, Michael comes first, followed by Larry and me, and then everyone else. Additionally, Magic explained why LeBron is inferior to Jordan. He predicted that Jordan will win the majority of a one-on-one match.

Even those who believe LeBron is superior now either believed Jordan was superior or that the difference is quite small. Even though Isiah Thomas was not a fan of Jordan’s, he declared that Jordan was the best player of all time when Jordan was still playing and Thomas had recently retired to become a sports pundit. Since then, he has changed those remarks. Even though LeBron could be a better skilled player overall, Scottie Pippen believes that Michael Jordan is still the best. Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, Kobe, Shaq, and HakeemHowever, almost all of the players—roughly 16 percent—who believe LeBron is superior say that Jordan is a close second. Almost 98 percent of people think Michael Jordan is one of the three greatest players of all time, the GOAT, or second best. However, Magic and Bird’s remarks are extremely important because they both fiercely opposed Jordan and weren’t fans of his. Magic may have had anything to do with Jordan’s 1984 All-Star game freeze-out. Their first resistance, followed by a slow acceptance of his position at the top, speaks volumes.


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