News: How did Steffi Graff respond to Seles’ stabbing? Was it a graceful event?

Depending on who you asked, yes. According to her autobiography, Seles disagreed. Though I haven’t read that book in a long, Seles believed Graf ought to have voiced his disapproval of the violence more. Additionally, she believed that Steffi ought to take a break from playing for a while because it was her insane fan who sent Seles, the top player in the world at the time, off the court for two and a half years. I’m sure Graf was “graceful” about it in public, but the response wasn’t what Seles wanted it to be.

After being stabbed, do you think tennis player Monica Seles was the same person? No. Twenty years to the day after the stabbing, on April 30, 2013, Jay Busbee wrote an article for Yahoo Sports about this.

Like Tiger Woods, who has not been able to return to his previous level of play since his automobile accident shortly after Thanksgiving in 2009, Seles seems to have suffered psychologically and was unable to reach her previous level. It’s terrible that the timing coincided with my 19th birthday.

Was Steffi Graf happy to see Monica Seles, the up-and-coming tennis star, stabbed? She is the only one who is certain of that. However, I don’t think Steffi Graf could have felt good about that because she’s such a fantastic athlete. Why wouldn’t something happen to another gamer if it happened to one? This implies that following that incident, they were all likely a little terrified. Given that her fan was the one who had stabbed Monika, I believe she was really upset when the incident occurred.

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