News: Was there something unsettling about Wilt Chamberlain showing up on the court of an opponent, like a Godzilla, King Kong, or Rodan coming to town to destroy the other team, scare the supporters, and leave the city’s hope completely crushed in his departure?

How was it to witness the prime Wilt Chamberlain? similar to witnessing a man play with kids. Only these kids were athletes at the Olympic level. One of “Stilt’s” defenders on the night he scored 100 points was Darrel Imhoff. Imhoff was a three-sport All-American, an Olomouc basketball champion, and a Laker center. 6’11 1/2 ” in height. It’s likely that everything you’ve heard about Wilt on the court is true.

He broke Nate Thurmand’s wrist as Nate attempted to block his dunk, as I still recall. The ex-player KG at the time was known as Nate. large, powerful, and combative. Wilt has an issue with being overly kind. Despite enduring the brunt of the criticism, he never fouled out of a game. He was almost called for three seconds when he accidentally got himself within the key, but he had the presence of mind to jump up and out of it. On the court, he was always aware of his whereabouts.

I can still picture him launching himself skyward like a rocket, his right arm outstretched, and completely obstructing Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s skyhook in front of the basket. You should have heard Chick Hearn describe it; Kareem was in disbelief. Whoa! At the time, Kareem was in his early 20s and incredibly agile. Before and after his rule, a young Wilt would have physically dominated any of the centers.

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