News: What would have happened to Wilt Chamberlain in the era of 3-point shooting?

If there were current rules with the three-point shot, I believe Wilt Chamberlain would be much more dominant. This is the reason why. Michael R. Burch’s “Wild Chamberlain with Contemporary Regulations and the Three-Pointer” Wilt Chamberlain’s detractors frequently bring up the topic of “pace,” arguing that it explains his unparalleled and unmatched ability to score and rebound. This argument has a major flaw in that Wilt Chamberlain was the only player to average 50.4 points and 27.2 rebounds per game while everyone else played at the same tempo. Six of the top seven NBA seasons in terms of rebounds per game are attributed to Wilt.

Six of the top seven NBA seasons in terms of rebounds per game are attributed to Wilt. In terms of points per game, Wilt owns five of the top six seasons in NBA history. Furthermore, Wilt spent just the first seven years of his career trying to score. He scored around forty points per game on average during those seven years. For a single season, no other NBA player has even remotely surpassed the average of 40 points per game. Michael Jordan came the closest, averaging 37.1 points per game between 1986 and 1987. When it came to trying to score, Wilt’s season was less than average. Wilt beat MJ by 13.3 points per game during his finest season.

And the plain fact is that, regardless of pace, NBA scoring leaders have generally been within a small range of about 30 to 33 points per game over the past 50 years. Only twice did MJ score more than 33 points per game. It was Kobe Bryant’s only time. Never has LeBron James done it. Where are all the other great pace-driven scoring seasons gone? Rick Barry was his team’s only real scoring danger, therefore he took a lot of shots despite having two seasons with 34 or more points. It was something Elgin Baylor performed twice in the early 1960s. That is all. So, Wilt’s actions cannot be explained by tempo.

Remember that none of the other players who scored 33 points or more per game were leading the NBA in field goal percentage. The majority of them weren’t even close. However, Wilt won nine times as the league’s best field goal percentager. It’s never happened before for a volume scorer. In other words, regardless of pace, Wilt was scoring more, scoring more effectively, and grabbing more rebounds than anyone in the history of the game. And he was scoring more effectively even though he was often hand-checked, double- and triple-teamed, and mugged. So just think of what Wilt could accomplish with the three-point shot and current regulations.

Wilt and Shaq would be similar in that Wilt was a better athlete, jumper, and mid-range jump shooter. Wilt mastered the art of the bank shot that falls away. That shot was crucial for him. Would he even require it now, though? He was hand-checked and double- or triple-teamed back then. However, he would have more maneuverability, fewer defenders, and greater governmental protection today. Wilt would therefore score more easy baskets than before. Wilt would, in my opinion, be even more powerful now than he was in the past.

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