News: Which opinion is more popular, Larry Bird being better than Lebron James (2023) or Kevin Durant being better than Larry Bird already?

It might be argued that Larry Bird was superior to Lebron James during his prime. Because Lebron has lasted an exceptionally long time while Larry’s heyday was cut short by injury, most NBA fans think Lebron is better than Bird. However, it might be plausible for you to believe that Bird was “greater” than Lebron if your primary concern is a player’s performance over a three- or five-year period. It truly depends on your own standards for greatness.

It’s almost impossible to defend the idea that Durant is superior to Bird, though. Bird was a far superior defender, rebounder, and passer. Bird was a much more formidable leader, clutch player, and rival. He was far more resilient than Durant, both emotionally and physically. Both are excellent scorers who can score points quickly and in a number of ways. Although Durant has a little advantage in this category, it isn’t quite large enough to offset all the areas in which Bird outperforms him.

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