News: Why did Robert Redford give up acting and move out of Hollywood?

He didn’t “go out of Hollywood.” He has lived in many cities throughout the world and has maintained a number of residences throughout the years, including a few properties in Southern California for a while. He has lived in Utah for the most part of the last forty years or so, but he also owns a vineyard in Napa that has been featured in periodicals. Although he has stated that he is growing weary of acting because he has been doing it for so long, he is actually currently serving as an EP on a few projects.

Why is Robert Redford still without an Oscar for acting? 1) Robert Redford has been a box office favorite as well as a critic’s chew toy for a large portion of his acting career. He has unfairly and primarily lost out on the recognition he receives as a filmmaker, having won an Oscar for best director for Ordinary People and an honorary statuette for his support of indie cinema. Critics who praise the sharp performances in Redford’s films like Scarlett Johansson, Paul Scofield, and Ralph Fiennes also scoff at his own, calling it “bland.”

Redford adheres to minimalism. He doesn’t appear to be acting at all. It appears to be acting. It’s not uncommon to have prejudice directed towards behavior stars like John Wayne, Paul Newman, Redford, and Eastwood. Many mistakenly believe that they are simply “playing themselves,” but developing an archetype and embodying it is an extremely difficult kind of acting—even more difficult than adopting a different accent or hairstyle. Acting is not unachievable for stars.

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