News: Why don’t pundits discuss Steffi Graf or other contenders as possible GOATs? Margaret Court won 24 Grand Slam singles championships, while Steffi won 22 before she retired at the age of thirty.

Since you can only play those in front of you, and Steffi did this very well, I believe that Steffi suffers from the perception that Monica Seles was starting to dominate her until the stabbing attack, which was carried out by a crazed Steffi fan, set her right back. Perhaps her lack of doubles success means the likes of Court, Serena, and Martina are seen in a different light.

The most likely explanation for this is one name: Monica Seles, the number one women’s player from 1991 to April 30, 1993. On that day, 19-year-old Monica was stabbed in the back by an enamored fan of rival 23-year-old Steffi Graf while she was sitting down in between games in Hamburg. Prior to the stabbing, the 17- to 19-year-old Seles had already won eight major titles and had defeated Graf in three of the four major finals.

After the stabbing, Seles only won 1 other major, while Graf won 11 more. Without the stabbing, 6 to 8 of Graf additional 11 major titles would probably have gone to Seles. Seles’ tennis career was successfully derailed by that devoted admirer.

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