NFL says officials manipulated the team during the game, according to Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

During a recent interview on the 33rd Team’s “St. Browns Bros” podcast, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields won over some NFL fans in the “rigged” mob with remarks he made regarding a game that the league even believed wasn’t called correctly.

There are many emotions that Justin Fields feels for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fields mentioned the Bears’ 2021 season opener versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Monday Night Football match was won by the Steelers 29–27. Fields appears to remember that game mostly in a positive light. Outside of Chicago, he claimed the Steelers’ stadium is the best in the NFL. He did, however, remember some unpleasant things.

Fields claimed that the Steelers had officials cheat on them:

“I shouldn’t be fined here, so I won’t be getting fined, right? Okay, I have to say this. Fields claimed that the referees had cheate

We were duped out of that match. I won’t lie.If you check it out later, you’ll see that there’s a flag at the conclusion of the game. All we get is a huge play. We had a linebacker run off the field on fourth down. Looking back, the referee runs into him. I saw that flag, my friend. Come on, I say. I was ill.


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