Nikola Jokic’s Strong Statement on the Boston Celtics.

The Denver Nuggets upset the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, knocking down the NBA’s top club in what many saw as an NBA Finals preview. Nikola Jokic had another dominant performance, ending with 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists.


Following the game, Jokic made a bold comment about the Celtics, saying, “They basically have answers for everything.” Matchups, defenses, and offenses. They’re a really well-built team that plays exceptionally well. This is why they are currently the best team in the NBA. It’s quite difficult to play against a team that is long, tall, and has excellent defensive capabilities. They have really smart guys; it’s an excellent team.”

Despite being 2-0 against the Celtics this season, Jokic has a lot of respect for their talent. The Celtics, who are eight games ahead of the second-seeded Milwaukee Bucks, are not in a seeding battle like Denver, but they still want to distinguish themselves against the league’s best teams, including a potential NBA Finals showdown.



The Celtics were one win away from seeing Denver in the NBA Finals last year, but they were unable to complete a 3-0 comeback against the Miami Heat. While Denver appears to have the advantage over Boston right now, Jokic understands how terrific the Celtics are and why they have the best record in basketball.


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