Not Even Famous People Can Ask Their Friends About Ozempic

The actress Melissa McCarthy shared a picture of herself on Instagram on Monday, showing her at a gala she attended with director Adam Shankman. Melissa McCarthy was dressed in a layered, sea foam green gown. The image itself didn’t spark much controversy, but one comment—which came from actress Barbra Streisand—did. A portion of it said, “Did you take Ozempic?”

Soon after, screen grabs of the remark went viral, and a lot of people were upset at Ms. Streisand for asking out loud if another famous person was using weight-loss drugs. (Some questioned whether Ms. Streisand was aware that her remark had been placed online.) Since then, the comment has been removed.

Ms. Streisand addressed the pushback on Tuesday afternoon. In a post on her X and Instagram accounts, she said that she had visited Instagram to view pictures of the flowers she had received for her birthday. Ms. Streisand wrote, “Below them was a photo of my friend Melissa McCarthy, who I sang with on my Encore album.” “She had an amazing appearance! All I wanted to do was give her a hug. I didn’t realize everyone was reading!

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