Novak Djokovic is undeniably the greatest tennis player of all time, having won his 23rd Grand Slam championship, but the EU and USA do not appear to recognize him. Why is this the case?

I had no idea that the European Union and the United States recognized a GOAT in any sport.

Is Novak Djokovic currently the greatest tennis player of all time? UPDATE: September 12, 2023. I don’t believe there is any more debate to be had. There wasn’t when he won the French Open for the third time, and the 24th slam simply adds to the pointlessness of the non-debate. Let’s look at the numbers. Every grand slam is won at least three times. (Nadal twice). Federer, Agassi, Laver (one) Number one for more than 390 weeks. (Federer 310; Sampras 286)

At least seven finals in each slam (Federer, Nadal five). At least 88 wins at each slam (Federer 73; Nadal 58). Only player in the top three for victory % at all slams. Only player in the top five for victory % across all court types. 39 Masters (Nadal, 36; Federer, 28) 251 wins against top-10 opponents (Federer 224, Nadal 186). 69 major titles (Nadal 59, Federer 54) Won every major title twice (no one even finished once).

The last one is undoubtedly the most astounding because it demonstrates his adaptability, as well as the most difficult record to accomplish and break. In fact, if he wins one more Monte Carlo Masters, he would have completed a treble sweep of all major titles, a feat that no one has ever accomplished. Almost every player was disadvantaged by a poorer surface or was stymied by players who excelled on that surface. Federer and Sampras had poor clay records, Nadal struggled on grass, while Borg failed to win a single hard court slam.

What’s more bizarre is that, at an age when he should be deteriorating, his numbers are improving. Since 2018, his overall win % has been increasing year after year. He finished his first 12 slams in 9 years but took 7 years to complete the remaining 12. He has made all four grand slam finals in a season three times, with two of them coming in 2021 and 2023, when he was 34 and 36.

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