Omah Lay does not desire conflict. The singer declined to allow a woman from the audience to accompany him on stage during a recent performance in Berlin.

In a widely shared video, the performer can be seen scanning the audience while on stage in search of a woman to join him in a dance to his hit song “Bend You.” He declared, “I want to choose a girl from the crowd.”

He asked a concertgoer, “Are you with your boyfriend? ” after spotting her. I don’t want any trouble,” the crowd erupted in screams.

“Perhaps I ought to choose a boy instead,” he interjected intermittently. He then chose a different woman to dance with from the crowd.

He made this remark in response to the intense controversy that erupted after he danced on stage with a female fan during his London show in February 2024. After the fan moved away from her boyfriend’s side to dance with Omah Lay, she became the focus of controversy.

Following intense criticism on social media, Jessiani, the fan, took to her platform to refute what she claimed to be false narratives about herself.

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