Paul George evaluates if LeBron’s 40K points can be surpassed by Wilt’s 100 points.

It is far more difficult to duplicate LeBron’s consistency throughout every season, according to PG.

The NBA’s most cherished records will always be Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point performance and LeBron James’ 40,000 career points. Though Paul George modestly feels that the Big Dipper’s record is the most likely to be broken, there’s no doubt about it.


The L.A. Clippers star makes his case in the most recent edition of his Podcast P for why it will be far harder to surpass LeBron’s 40K mark than Wilt Chamberlain’s 1962 record-setting 100 points.

“Consider it. I believe I saw a statistic or something saying you have to play for 20 years, average 30, and play at least 60 or 70 games to break that. Doing that is really difficult. LeBron graduated from high school. Therefore, it requires someone to launch their career off to a fiery start. Ever since then, he’s been on fire. Additionally, you need to be long-lived to accomplish it each year, and he had many seasons.


Recognizing the discrepancies in both benchmarks

No matter how difficult it is, it seems much more possible to surpass Chamberlain’s single-game point total in light of the caliber of skill and offensive in today’s game. Luka Doncic cruised to a 73-point performance this year, and both Damian Lillard and Donovan Mitchell erupted for a devastating 71 points in the previous campaign—just 10 points shy of Kobe Bryant’s legendary 81-point masterclass in 2006



It is nearly impossible to play for more than 20 consecutive seasons in a consistent manner without suffering any serious injuries and still produce exceptional numbers, according to the case made for LeBron’s record. Replicating what the current Los Angeles Lakers superstar has accomplished will require another exceptional talent in a generational timeline. In addition, players are far more cautious with their playing time and exposure in this load management period to prevent any major inactivities.



Wilt’s 100-point record will hold up over time until the NBA implements significant regulations to improve the defensive end once more. But for the time being, it is more difficult to envision a player, like LeBron, who can begin his career flawlessly and continue to play at a high level all the way to the finish.


PG said of LeBron, “I wouldn’t say he’s lucky or blessed because he takes care of his body.” “That is difficult.”

Clearly, the regulations have changed and it’s less physical now,” remarked Jordan. If I had been allowed to play according to these rules, I’m very sure I would have fouled out or been at the free throw line a lot, which would have allowed me to score 100 points.


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