Pete Rose’s gambling scandal: The reasons behind MLB’s hits king’s ban for baseball wagering

It’s feasible that Pete Rose will continue to keep the title of “MLB’s hits king” indefinitely.


There isn’t a single Major League Baseball player with 3,000 hits. Only two players from the 2000s were able to get within 1,000 hits of Rose’s career total, and both of them needed to play more than 20 seasons.


Rose, however, will not get a plaque honoring him in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Performance-enhancing substances have cost athletes like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens; his removal has nothing to do with them. Unlike other dubious exclusions from Cooperstown, he has never even been given the opportunity to be listed on a ballot for the Hall of Fame.


This is as a result of Rose’s baseball ban.


He had consented with the commissioner back in 1986 to take a lifetime suspension from the highest level of the sport. Despite being qualified for reinstatement, his request has not been approved by any commissioner.


That does not automatically disqualify him from the Hall of Fame, though, since the Cooperstown board has the option to put him on the ballot. But it seems the Hall will deny him the opportunity to be inducted as long as Major League Baseball keeps him forever unable to return.


And Rose, 82, now seems content that he won’t be brought back, especially after Commissioner Rob Manfred rejected his 2022 case.


“I’ve spent more than 30 years suspended. According to Forbes, Rose remarked, “That’s a long time to be suspended for betting on your own team to win.” And I was in error. However, that error was made. Everything usually gets better with time. Except when discussing the Pete Rose case, it appears to apply to baseball.


Why did Rose receive a baseball ban? It’s important that you know this.



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