Peter Gabriel tells a Divastating story about his life that nobody knows about

Life, Genesis, Brian Pern, music, stress, school, musical apes, and… his love for Justin Bieber? Rock icon Peter Gabriel imparts some unexpected life lessons to Chris Middleton. (The original version of this story appeared in March 2016 on the website.)

to Westminster to listen in on a discussion between philosopher Alain de Botton and music icon, activist, and computer pioneer Peter Gabriel. The program was held by The School of Life, an initiative that aims to teach adults “some of the life lessons that school never taught them” through philosophy and therapy. It’s kind of like a cross between TED, a gift shop, and a self-help group: its Swiss co-founder de Botton offers a very English approach to building emotional intelligence.

In today’s world of surface, speed, and transitory experience, his goal is to make philosophy more relevant to people’s daily lives. If you can afford the school’s services, that is, of course.

‘Peter Gabriel: Life Lessons from a Rock Star’ was the theme of the event. When de Botton introduced the self-effacing singer as “one of the great men of the century,” he made his guest feel uncomfortable and laughed. “Say something good!” he said. What is it about music, therefore, that motivates Gabriel more than his other interests? Is it that axe to the frozen sea within us? He declared, “We like to dance, thump our chests, and find a mate.” “The world opens up in surprising ways for a shy, spotty lad like me who plays in a rock band.

Music was a refuge for me when I was sent to a public school called Charterhouse. I would turn the music up as loud as I could and just dance there, even though it was on the verge of misery. It felt liberating. (As a former independent schoolboy, I recall how rock transformed a gloomy and silent Home Counties world with an explosion of color, noise, sex, and fury.) This could be the reason that the Gabriel songbook is replete with brave protagonists that overcome a labyrinth of trials, tribulations, and calamities to come out on top but transformed.

Belieber Gabriel Regarding that, it surprised me to learn which contemporary musician he really like. “Jason Bieber is mostly what I listen to,” Gabriel added. And he meant it. “Very musical, has great rhythms, is beautifully produced, and he sings very well,” describes Justin Bieber’s latest album. I would thus advise those who write him off as mere teen fodder to listen to him a little more. There is a true artist working there. (I concur regarding the new record.)

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