Rafael Nadal: Roger Federer’s former coach is still completely dubious about the Spaniard using the Laver Cup as a means of retiring.

Rafael Nadal gave millions of tennis fans a surprise last week. The tennis player said that he would be attending this year’s Laver Cup by adding another event where spectators can catch him in action. Tennis insiders predicted that in addition to celebrating his arrival into the competition, he might be preparing to send off his career in classic Roger Federer fashion. A person with close ties to the Swiss tennis player’s travels, nevertheless, seemed dubious about the prospect.

Right now, Rafa is dominating the tennis highlights. Everyone is wondering how the farewell could go after the Spaniard said that this year would be the final of his professional career. Ivan Ljubicic, the former professional’s coach, remarked of his chances of becoming a tennis player: “It’s possible, not likely.” It’s nice that he consented to play it; he is thinking ahead. However, he won’t play for a good ten years after that.


The likelihood that Rafa would announce his departure before long was diminished by the former coach of the Swiss tennis virtuoso seeming unsure. Although the forthcoming Olympics are the Spaniard’s primary goal, it is assured that he will not sign out before the magnificentWith Carlos Alcaraz by his side, Rafa pondered his participation in the forthcoming Olympics in Paris, saying, “I think if we’re both fit enough, why not? We might get the opportunity to work together as a fantastic team and achieve great things. The Spaniard made it apparent in this remark that he is here to enjoy the final moments of his long legacy in the tennis world in addition to highlighting his desire to participate in the event.


When was the last time Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer shared the court?


The fans were shocked to learn that Rafael Nadal would be competing in this year’s Laver Cup. In addition to the affirmation, though, the Spaniard paused to recall when he had previously attended the event.

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