Rafael Nadal Shares His Intention to Face Bjorn Borg

At the 2019 French Open, Rafael Nadal is attempting to win his 12th Roland Garros championship. He will play Dominic Thiem in the finals on Sunday in a rematch of the Roland Garros match from 2018. Rafael Nadal stated in an ATP Tennis TV interview that he would like to face Bjorn Borg.

“If you could play any retired player, who would you play against and why?” was the question posed to Rafael Nadal during the interview.




“I would choose Borg, Bjorn because all the stories that I heard about his reflex,” the Spaniard declared. I’d like to challenge myself to a game against him. Among the best players in the sport is Bjorn Borg. With six French Open victories and five Wimbledon titles, he won eleven grand slam championships.


Bjorn Borg was thrilled to hear the Spaniard’s remarks. “Well, it’s very impressive,” he observed, speaking highly of Rafael Nadal. Rafa is the greatest player to have ever played on a clay court.

Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer in straight sets in the semifinals, and Federer had earlier congratulated Nadal. “He makes you feel uncomfortable with the way he plays on clay and defends the court,” he remarked. Nobody even comes close to playing like him.


Federer grinned and remarked, “I don’t even know who I need to go search for to go practice with somebody who plays like him.” “During the game, that was on my mind. His ability to play from deep and then move back and forth from the baseline is simply incredible. It’s just so fascinating.

“No, but my mindset still was, you know, it’s windy, anything can happen,” the 20-time grand slam champion continued. I don’t think I played poorly in the first two sets. I believed that Rafa needed to perform exceptionally well to make a difference, but all it took was a simple pass here or a steal there to see him go from decent to outstanding.

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