Read this book on a nook: Keith O’Brien’s “Charlie Hustle: The Rise and Fall of Pete Rose, and the Last Glory Days of Baseball”

Pete Rose: the fall is harder the bigger the star.

Pete Rose, who was raised in Cincinnati, went on to become one of the main players for the baseball team known as The Big Red Machine—the Cincinnati Reds. Pete Rose was an unusual star because he had never been a big kid and struggled to make the high school football team because of his small stature. But he had an extraordinary desire, a rare quality


When Rose struck Cleveland Indians catcher Ray Fosse at home plate to win the 1970 All-Star Game in Cincinnati, Fosse was writhing in agony and Rose was jubilant. Fosse would never be the same player after that fatal collision. For Pete Rose, winning meant everything. Keith O’Brien, a native of Cincinnati, has written a new biography of Rose called “Charlie Hustle,” which takes us back to Pete’s incredible ascent and even more dramatic collapse after it was discovered that he had bet on teams, including his own.



Pete disobeyed the rules, but he refused to admit it. He ought to be in the Hall of Fame, but as long as Pete Rose is alive, he will likely continue to be banished, punished, and exiled from his beloved sport.


In addition to some extremely amazing pictures, this depressing story is masterfully narrated.



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