Regarding Vogel’s future, Bird admits he’s not sure……

It’s no secret that Indiana Pacers President Larry Bird wants his team to score more points. However, he hasn’t decided whether to re-sign coach Frank Vogel for a seventh season.


Bird stated that he must choose between changing the coach, the roster, or both in order to increase offense in a league that is moving in that direction.

Bird remarked, “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”


Neither does he know when. Although no call has been scheduled, Bird stated he will make the choice following a conference call discussion with Herb Simon, the owner of the Pacers.


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Bird stated early on Monday night, “It might be tomorrow or a week, he’s busy.” “I don’t want to leave Frank hanging; there are other jobs available for him to take.”


According to media sources, Vogel has been recommended as a strong fit for the Knicks. Bird stated that he may remain in Indiana, but he is quite clear in saying that the Pacers did not score enough points. Not to matter in the playoffs, not to matter at all


He remarked, “I thought we were going to win that game last night,” following the No. 7-seeded Pacers’ 89-84 defeat to the Toronto Raptors in Game 7. “If you had told me we would win with 84 points.. If you don’t score in the playoffs, you won’t last very long. I don’t say this to folks because I think I know everything; rather, I say it because I was a player once.

Together with assistant Dan Burke, Vogel made a name for himself as a defensive-minded coach by making the Pacers very stingy on that end of the floor. Vogel has stated that he feels at ease instructing Bird in his preferred faster approach.


Regarding Vogel, Bird stated he doesn’t think the Pacers’ point total in Game 7 was his fault.


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Bird remarked, “Hey, that’s on the guys.” “They must produce plays. Paul George (26 points) did what he does, Monta Ellis (15 points) scored, and George Hill (19 points) played well. However, who is that other guy?


Bird was questioned: You’re supposed to provide “that other guy” as the team president?


“We need to score more points,” Bird continued. What can we do to get better offensively if Frank returns? It is our collective responsibility.


“Frank is a wonderful man. Whatever transpires, he will not suffer any harm. He’ll be alright here if he returns. He isn’t if he isn’t. We’ll see.

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