” Report” Liverpool vs Tottenham match replay date !Finalized!

When he said earlier in the week that a repeat may be fair, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp did not foresee the possibility of one, but there is a precedent.


Seven days into VARgate, or whatever we’re calling it, it still doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The discussion will undoubtedly go on for a little longer in light of the remarks made by Ange Postecoglou in his most recent press conference.


The Tottenham manager has rejected the idea that if they had been alerted right away to Luis Dáz’s disallowed goal, they should have allowed Liverpool to score. He stated, “I just don’t see that,” according to the Liverpool ECHO. “If we want managers to be the arbiters of these kind of things… we’ve got pretty hefty responsibilities at our football clubs but we’re not the custodians.”



Postecoglou continued, “If it’s something apparent, it’s different. It was a horrible mistake brought on by a breakdown in communication, but the reason wasn’t immediately apparent. I would suppose there would have been more outrage if it could have been explained simply. To us, Ange, it appears to be quite simple to explain.


In his prior MLS tenure, Howard Webb has awarded replays.

Jürgen Klopp acknowledged that a replay for Liverpool’s 2-1 loss at Tottenham was unlikely to be granted. However, Webb, the chief refereeing officer for the PGMOL, was involved in a previous case



It happened in October 2021, while he was in charge of the MLS’s VAR operations. A genuine goal was initially disallowed, however the game was later restarted with the goal still standing.







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