“Report: Luis Diaz just made his “Final” decision on returning back to training

After being abducted by armed gunmen last weekend in his hometown of Barrancas, Colombia, Luis Diaz’s father is set to be freed, according to a statement that has been made public.


After being taken hostage by armed gunmen over the weekend, Luis Diaz’s father is expected to be released soon.



The National Liberation Army (ELN) rebel group captured both Diaz’s mother and father, Luis Manuel Diaz. Police were able to free his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, but his father has remained in captivity ever since.


A group representative stated that Diaz senior would be released “as soon as possible” on Friday evening. And the group confirmed his impending release in a statement they released a few hours later.

In a statement provided to El Colombiano, the group declared, “We salute Colombia and the Caribbean. We are in solidarity with the families who suffer pain and tragedies due to unemployment, the criminal violence of paramilitarism, and the State’s abandonment. The main threat to the stability of the region is the corruption of political clans.”



The priest of Lucho Diaz is one of the commands of the Northern War Front that carries out a privation of freedom. After it was reported and confirmed that he is the priest, his release is motivated by the fact that he is related to the legendary athlete that we Colombians all adore.



“The release process starts then, and we want to make sure there are no incidents. steadfast in pursuing peaceful avenues while implementing the necessary adjustments that the nation requires. from the Caribbean regi



This week, the Colombian government engaged in negotiations with the ELN in an attempt to secure the release of Diaz’s father. The incident caused Liverpool star Diaz to miss the Reds’ victory over Nottingham Forest last weekend, but he was kept updated on events in England all week.

Diaz could play in Sunday’s Premier League match against Luton Town, according to what manager Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool said at the team’s pre-game press conference. Diaz trained this week. On Friday, he was pictured with his teammates.






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