“Report” Thomas Tuchel “Surprising” sack update that might lead to Immenient exit

As tensions with the German powerhouses continue, Thomas Tuchel might abruptly leave Bayern Munich, claims one of the team’s former midfielders.


The Bundesliga team defeated Borussia Dortmund to win their 12th straight championship, setting off celebrations on the field.

Off the field, the boardroom experienced chaos as Oliver Kahn, the CEO, and Hasan Salihamidzic, the sporting director, were fired from their roles.

Oliver Kahn is no longer the CEO of FC Bayern Munchen AG, according to a statement on the team’s official website. As the board member for sport, Hasan Salihamidzic will also be replaced. The supervisory board of the club made this decision.



“Jan-Christian Dreesen, the current vice-chairman of the board, will take over for Kahn. The person to succeed Salihamidzic is still up in the air.


Since then, Kahn has spoken out about his departure, tweeting: “Unbelievable! Many thanks and congratulations, guys! As I’ve always told you! Never give up and always put everything you have into it. I’m really proud of you and this accomplishment!


I wish I could join you in your celebration, but the club has prohibited me from doing so today.


“I’m excited about the upcoming season. We won’t only be the 12th-time German champs! Let’s have a party.



After winning the Bundesliga title just two months after joining the team, Tuchel has had a spectacular few months.


Dietmar Hamann, though, argues that the former Chelsea manager might be the next to leave the Allianz Arena.

“When you treat people like this, you have to ask yourself: do you want to work for this club?” Hamann stated on German television.



“I don’t believe Tuchel departing soon can be completely ruled out. But he’ll depart of his own free will.


Erik Meijer, a former player for Liverpool, who is now a pundit, continued, “I think he’ll have left the club by Monday.”


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