Reportedly, the 49ers are not inclined to match the market at wide receiver for the extension of Brandon Aiyuk.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN echoes Monday’s TikTok post by Brandon Aiyuk.

In a quick TikTok on Monday morning, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk of the San Francisco 49ers offered his version of events. The wide receiver market is likely at $30 million, and Aiyuk told the masses that the Niners did not want him back. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN repeated those thoughts on Sportscenter over the weekend: “Aiyuk and the 49ers have been in negotiations, but as is sometimes the case at this time of year, things have stopped a little. In the six weeks before training camp, they will observe what transpires. For the long run, the 49ers want Aiyuk on the team.

However, despite the enormous numbers we’ve seen, they haven’t shown that they’re prepared to compete at wide receiver thus far. $30 million for Amon Ra-St. Brown in Detroit. Yeah, Justin Jefferson is way over that. Something has to give since Aiyuk thinks he’s a great guy. He’s made a name for himself among the top 10 receivers. We’ll see. There isn’t much momentum there at the moment. Lack of optimism is evident. Aiyuk’s return is desired by the 49ers, but not at the number he desires. Aiyuk’s contract expires in 2024, therefore the organization is not required to take any action, even though they have a history of operating ahead of schedule and securing their best players.

Undoubtedly, though, this is different, and Aiyuk isn’t going to find it any easier to accept the Niners’ asking price when wide receivers of his caliber are getting paid big-time amounts. As stated by Fowler, something needs to give.

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