Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg square off in their lone major duel. Who prevails?

With 11 Major titles apiece, Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver are two of the most accomplished tennis players in history. The younger player prevailed in four sets in their lone Majors match, which took place at the 1975 US Open. Laver and Borg had distinct play styles because they grew up in different eras.

Nevertheless, they were just as effective, crushing their opponents at the net or from the baseline to earn a spot in the top division of men’s tennis. Nothing that Bjorn Borg accomplished prior to turning 26 will ever be duplicated. The Swede quickly rose to fame, winning over 60 ATP titles, and then decided to take a break. He didn’t compete again after 1981.

Conversely, Rod Laver was afforded two decades to showcase his exceptional abilities. A few months shy of turning thirty, the Australian completed the true Grand Slam in 1962 at the age of twenty-four. The following season, he turned professional and avoided Majors until the opening of the Open era in 1968.

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